In this space, I will comment on politics, culture, and philosophy. Of particular interest to me are issues of metapolitics and political philosophy, such being the premises of liberal Modernity. These are what we know as politics and culture presume, albeit not explicitly. I am also interested in International Relations, Geopolitics, the shifting balance of powers, the role of ideology, and how economics interacts with all of that. These comments will be namely polemical, but not always, and be in a variety of lengths. Hence, let me introduce my ideas in general terms.

I am an Anglo-American identitarian and traditionalist. My Identitarianism is a consequence of my Traditionalism—and vice versa. I see politics as the small and large definition of a people. The state establishes who is in or out (i.e., citizens are “in” and criminals “out”), so the state is a mechanism of identity. That identity should be defined around natural identity, rather than cosmopolitan identity. Natural identity is founded obviously in the natural herd mentality of people, so there is a hierarchy of men to women, strong to weak, smart to stupid, and so on. And, moreover, natural identity is also founded in the traditions that come from unique historical experiences of a particular people, which form the basis for culture. It is only that particular people that experienced its unique history, so it is also only that people and their genetic descendants that can maintain that culture whence it springs.

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