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A person also need not deny or even question the narrative of the Holocaust to be Holocaust-denier. That absurd and extraordinary claim is what the Jewish scholar Debra Lipstadt is stating in a screed of hers. Since the Trump Administration failed to credit Jews as the sole victims of the Holocaust, she argues, they might as well just deny it altogether; she calls that “softcore Holocaust denial.” And, furthermore, for her, it can’t be sincere. It is either a mistake or motivated by deep-seating hatred that Trump has for Jews. The latter is frankly ridiculous since he is surrounded by Jews, including two daughters-in-law and one son-in-law. All of what Lipstadt writes seems so ridiculous, but in actuality, it must be motivated by either (1) Jewish hubris or (2) tribal group-think.

Hubris is an unmistakable characteristic of Jews. Seldom will any mistreatment befall them that they won’t imagine is the most evil and desperate act in all of history. They will never assess their own behavior or consider that grievances against them might have rational motives. Of the 60 million people that died in World War Two, they consider their alleged 6 million to be worthy of a permanent blood libel against the German nation and white people in general. The hubris involved in that is unimaginable.

And yet, that hubris has been successful in modern history. It could easily also, then, be tribal group-think to their collective advancement as an ethno-cultural body (i.e., a group-evolutionary strategy). While establishing an ethno-state for themselves, Jewish power has also overseen the Western World made into a multicultural swamp. No one will notice any of that, however, lest they be anti-Semitic and socially shamed. That group-evolutionary strategy has worked so far, so they react by doing the same with greater frequency whenever they are displeased.

Lipstadt’s screed may be a syndrome of that. Trump’s emphasis on a neorealist foreign policy and patriotic immigration reform is an antithesis of what Jews want. Trump is also an architype of everything that they fear and loath (i.e., a nationalistic blonde German); as such, they try to destroy Trump with their usual tactics. But such tactics are losing power because they seem desperate and absurd. Since Jewish power comes from appealing to Goyish slave morality, they have no other tactics at their disposal unless they intend to admit interests and goals. Doing so, however, would also be counter-productive because Jewish power is predicated on a perception of them as oppressed and powerless victims