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Memes are never just memes. Memes are social ideas that are contextualized into visual perception. And ideas are mass viruses of the mind; that is, ideas have the power to destroy societies or people. In so many words, memes have meaning behind them. As such, the Current Year meme is invaluable in understanding the psychology of the Left. Since they themselves perpetuate it, they much believe it, so it is valuable to understand their antics following Trump’s inauguration.

Part of the reason for these antics is Trump’s victory is both cultural and political. It is not yet clear which of those elements is more significant. But the Left is populated by mental children who do not like to lose. And, indeed, they have never lost in memory and only ever won; every year cuckolded republicans surrendering more ground to them. And yet, there is a more serious but equally infantile reason for the hysteria. The Whiggish Theory of History is central and invaluable to Liberalism itself.

Liberals base their ideology according to the assumption that there is eternal progress toward to the liberal ideal; that is, every year, we become more equal and free. Since liberals are atheistic, that crypto-Christian assumption of progress gives liberals a sense of salvation. It gives liberals, in other words, a sense of purpose and meaning because they feel that they will be proven right one day. Accordingly, the current year is virtue signaling, but is also more than that. Reciting the current year is a method for liberals to reiterate their salvation. It is precisely the same impulse as the religious zealot who shouts: “God will give me justice!”

Trump is a macho, blonde, nationalistic German who can’t be controlled by their sphere of money. For left-liberals, that is the archetype of everything that they fear and loathe. Him being elected President and then doing what he promised is a nullification of their theory of history and therefore a contradiction of their salvation.