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#NeverTrump has endless stream of attack-advertisements targeting Donald Trump, but this one (i.e., for lack of a better term, “Big Hands”) is significant because it is a short 30 second microcosm of Feminism. Essentially, Feminism is female Utilitarianism. It is an ideology that intends to establish the greatest amount of happiness to the greatest number of women. It establishes this intended happiness through liberation of women from heteronormative patriarchy, upon which traditional society is built. Thus, women’s liberation is traditional society’s destruction. Further, women need men to liberate them because women’s power is only what men give them. Men have the ability of violence, so men also are the sex with the inherent power. Women manipulate men into giving them power through sex.

The advertisement features a very attractive, slim, Mediterranean-looking woman in yoga pants, a tight sports bra, and a long ponytail. It is obvious that she is acting sexually suggestive even with the sound muted. She leans to one side letting her sensuous straight black hair fall to one side, then the other; she looks in the camera with a particular look in her eye, which men will recognize; she sits, showing her toned stomach, and spreads her legs far enough to do illicit things; and, finally, she stands on her hands and feet and arches her back. But, verbally, it is also very sexual in its text. To start, the woman says, “I like macho guys, take charge, confident guys, guys with big hands, real men.” The “big hands” part is important because, first, Trump allegedly has small hands, and, second, this can be an indication of the size of a man’s penis. This part is insulting Trump’s manhood by juxtaposing Trump with the woman’s sexual ideal. The woman continues, saying, “But real men don’t go around dissing Muslims and Mexicans. They don’t make demining remarks about women. They’re not bullies.” Actually, they do and they are. A crass person would call these lines hogwash because it is incredibly untrue. Masculine men are drawn to tribes to exercise their instinct to protect, so they often do “go around dissing” outsiders. They are often misogynistic because harem is their goal, rather than girlish love. And bullying is only one man asserting power over another man, which masculine men certainly do. The woman, then, makes further suggestions about Trump’s manhood or lack thereof. All of this serves to juxtapose sexual desirability with Trump; that is, Trump is undesirable and so are his supporters by extension.

In other words, this advertisement weaponizes sex against the Trump campaign. It is this that targets male voters, rather than female voters who likely find this to be tasteless. It is powerful to target men in this way because men attract women through more than appearance. Men much change their manner, personality, and presence to what women find attractive. Accordingly, male behavior can be manipulated. The advertisement manipulates this male sexual tendency by purveying that Trump’s manner is undesirable to women, suggesting to men to not associate with Trump or even think like Trump. A mere survey of Trump’s wives and girlfriends—most of whom are exceedingly attractive—proves this false. And, further, it is a microcosm of Feminism because it imitates Feminism’s strategy of manipulating this male sexual tendency. Feminism has liberated women from any responsibilities besides their own vain pleasure through “white knights” who are men who fight against heteronormative patriarchy in hopes of getting female attention and sex. That is how women attain power through sex. Until men stop caring what shrill women say, men will continue to lose power in the battle of the sexes.