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The sacred cow of the New Left is Globalism, which aims to erase all political, economic, and cultural barriers between peoples. Globalism rejects the legitimacy of races, nations, and cultures, specifically for white people. Nationalists are reactionaries who oppose Globalism by asserting the legitimacy of the nation-state. This is a noble cause to be sure. And yet, it can’t or at least shouldn’t be an ideology in and of itself. Globalism is part of a larger ideology that delegitimizes the ideas and structures that strengthen the nation-state. Thus, nationalism also must be part of a larger ideology to give strength the ideas and structures that strengthen the nation-state.

Nationalism is generally understood to be a certain people claiming a certain territory, in which they declare political and cultural hegemony. This is the purpose of the nation-state, having emerged specifically from the historical experience of Western Europe. This historical experience has four basic stages: (1) Romanization, (2) consolidation, (3) homogenization, and (4) modernization. First, Rome conquers and divides the territories of Europe into provinces. Second, when Rome falls, these provinces are eventually consolidated by warlords. The warlords remake these territories into autonomous polities (i.e., feudal kingdoms). Third, after hundreds of years, these feudal kingdoms homogenize into single nations. Instead of Saxons, Angles, Jutes, Celts, and Normans, there are Englishmen. Instead of Franks, Gallics, and Bretons, there are Frenchmen. And so on. And, fourth, the state is economically and politically modernized. Mercantile capitalism leads to industrialism, empowering the Bourgeoisie to whom suffrage is expanded because their new economic power. The state becomes secular and international because of trade ties.

Left-liberals argue that, after modernization, Globalism naturally follows and is the next stage of civilization. If the Left’s premises are sound, Globalism is a principled and true position to have because the ideas of the Left confirm it. According to the Left, there is no significant difference between human races, and any difference is superficial and therefore myopic. Culture is only an aesthetic, like a jacket, so it can be worn (i.e., expanded) to anyone. Culture has only consequential value because it either leads to good or bad things. These are measured objectively. Thus, identity has no inherent value. And social hierarchy (e.g., patriarchy or aristocracy) is an unnatural creation of the powerful to preserve their unnatural privilege over their fellow man. If this is all true, there is no justification for nationalism, and Globalism is the only moral position. And yet, the problem is the Left’s premises are not just wrong; the premises are spectacularly false and erroneous. Race is a biological fact, not a “social construction.” Culture is the collective historical experience of an ethnic people, not a frivolous aesthetic that can be transmitted to others. And social hierarchy is a natural and positive phenomenon, which gives a civilization a will to live.

To be consistent, nationalism must repudiate the premises of the Left, but ideological nationalism stands alone and does not repudiate these premises. Ideological nationalism does not take a position on anything but opposition to Globalism. Ideological nationalism therefore is a self-defeating ideology because it does not oppose what sows the seeds of its destruction. Ofttimes, nationalists sound only like dubious reactionaries. They LARP and obsess over a time in the past, in which they imagine everything was as it should be, but it was not. A perfect time never existed. If that time could be recreated, all the problems that led to current dilemmas would also be recreated. So to speak, ideological nationalism rewinds the film, but the ended remains the same.

As an ideology, nationalism is doomed. The nation-state is still worth defending, but it must be defended as a part of a larger and more comprehensive ideology. This ideology must directly repudiate the premises that undo the legitimacy of the nation-state (i.e., the premises of the Left). This ideology must repudiate modernity’s secularized Christian Slave Morality; repudiate the cultural hegemony of feminism and homosexuality; and affirm the noble aristocracy and earthy working class over the degenerate bourgeoisie. The whining and petty grievances, which ideological nationalism bequeath, must be stomped to dust in favor of greater civilizational transcendence.