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I am convinced that no one in the political mainstream has the slightest understanding of Fascism. I was called a Fascist yesterday by one of my extremely liberal relatives because, arguing about the Arab migrant influx in Europe, I said: “These refugees are unassimilable because they are so culturally different and there are so many of them. The influx results in cultural and racial displacement of the native Europeans. It is genocide. It is invasion. I want Germany to remain Christian, white, and ethnically German.” Certainly, I am a nationalist, but Fascism is more than that. Fascism, as articulated by Benito Mussolini in his Doctrine of Fascism, is authoritarianism plus economic corporatism and ultra-nationalism. I am neither an economic corporatist nor an ultra-nationalist, so it is unfair to call me a Fascist. As far as I see, words like Fascism and Racism are words that certainly have meanings, but they are abused by left-liberals. Left-liberals use these terms to apply to anyone or anything that is outside the paradigm of modern liberalism.