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I hope that, in the minds of young white women, Third Wave Feminism is totally discredited. It is an ideology that pretends to advocate for the rights of women; and yet, as the Feminist reaction to the mass rapes of white women on New Years’ Eve illustrate, Feminists are impotent if confronted with actual violation of the rights of women. In spite of tirelessly fighting against an imagined “rape culture,” they obviously are impotent of fighting against a literal rape culture when that culture comes from non-white men. In fact, Feminists are not only impotent, but, worse, their reaction has been to either minimize or adapt to the threat of rape, which Arab immigrants bring.

The first sort of Feminists (i.e., those who minimize) try to muddy the waters as to whether or not the rapists are indeed non-white. This is done through either denial or questioning the fact. Neither denying nor question is logically defensible because that presumes the premise that news reports, video tapes, eye witnesses, and at least 600 victims are lying because of their racism and malice against non-white people. These Feminists, then, go on to compare racists to rapists and domestic rapists to immigrant rapists. Laurie Penny gives a great example of this disingenuous commentary:

It’d be great if we could take rape, sexual assault and structural misogyny as seriously every day as we do when migrants and Muslims are involved as perpetrators. The attacks in Cologne were horrific. The responses—both by officials and by the armies of Islamophobes and xenophobes who have jumped at the chance to condemn Muslim and migrant men as savages—have also been horrific.

For Penny, both rapists’ and Islamophobes’ actions are “horrific,” so ex cathedra the Arab rapists are no worse than the evil white people who did not want to let them into Europe. This creates a moral equivalency between the rapists and the alleged “Islamophobes and xenophobes.” And yet, thinking naughty xenophobic thoughts does not violate women’s bodies, ripping away their virginity and destroying any intimacy they might have with a husband or boyfriend.

Moreover, Penny has unearthed the stunning fact that Arabs are not the only people whom commit rape. Such demagogic sophistry creates a false sense of equivalency between rapes committed by the domestic population and rapes committed by immigrants. The difference is obvious—every state has a domestic population, of whom some will commit rape, but immigrants can’t rape if they are not in the state; and immigrants are not in the state if they are not let into the state. In other words, rapes by the domestic population will always happen as long as such a population exists, but rapes by immigrants are entirely avoidable and only made possible by left-liberals’ open border policies. Rape by immigrants is something that would not happen if immigrants were not let into the state. Left-liberals brought these Arab immigrants into the state, so the mass rapes are a direct result of their actions. Thus, by minimizing the epidemic of Arab-on-white rape, Feminists, such as Penny, evade responsibility for their actions that created that problem.

The “responses… by officials” to which Penny refers is that of the female mayor of Cologne who, in all likelihood, is a self-identifying feminist. The mayor-ette told German women to keep an arm’s distance away from strange men, dress modestly, and to not be drunk late at night. This comprises the second sort of Feminist response, which is adapting to the threat of rape. It is telling that yesterday’s Feminazis are tomorrow’s Sharia law administrators. Young women are told these things not because it is the will of their loving fathers and husbands who do not want to see them be sexualized pieces of meat but because of the threat of rape. It is a clear response to that threat of violence. It is a classically female response to such a threat, which is not to fight but acquiesce to the threat. In spite of all sorts of flim-flam about equality, women desire the patriarchy of old that tells them what to do under the threat of violence. The mayor-ette’s advice is actualization of the female impulse to submit to the will of powerful men.

It is tempting for some people to claim that this is a Feminist betrayal of women, but it is not. Women have no power, so they can’t defend themselves, nor can Feminists. It is true that Western women have political power, but that power does not exist elsewhere than politics. Women have no way to enforce or maintain that power except to have men their bidding, punish their opponents, protect them from criminals, fight their wars, and so on. Women’s political power is power that is given to them by men, and it only exists if men observe its existence. Likewise, Arab men do not observe the existence of women’s political power. There is no one to give women political power because Feminists have emasculated Western men. These two Feminist reactions also show that they do not hate men, or at least they do not hate all men equally. They adapt to or minimize the violence of Arab immigrants. Meanwhile, they will endlessly whine about “manspreading” and “slut-shaming.” They hate men who look like their fathers (i.e., white men) because, even if it is not a conscious thought, it is repugnant to the white female psyche that white men have given up their birth right as the head of the patriarchal family.