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I can’t help but disdain people who go out of their way to insult their country for selfish reasons (i.e. to appear superior to their countrymen). It is, I believe, a sign of a narcissistic person. It makes me cringe like little else. And hipster leftists aren’t the only people guilty of this; there are a lot of American Identitarians, supposed nationalists, who do this.

These people often call themselves “Europhiles,” which should describe a healthy nostalgia or respect for European culture. Most racially conscious white people have such a nostalgia or respect, but these people pathologically argue the anti-American side of every debate, so these people are not simple Europhiles. These American Identitarians are, in spite of the irony, self-hating nationalists.

That is not to say, however, that America should be beyond criticism. As an American, even I see that there is a great deal of criticism that America deserves. The first American settlers were European puritans who escaped Catholic Europe to sow the seeds of their radical Calvinism. That radical Calvinism includes an interpretation of Christianity that emphasizes individual salvation, so American culture has likewise emphasized the primacy of the individual, rather than the community. That has conditioned Americans against hierarchy and tradition in favor of libertine individualism. The results of this perverse conditioning can be seen in modern American popular culture, which export to the world degeneracy and hedonism vis-à-vis Hollywood trash cinema.

And yet, America has become the Pan-European Empire that Europe itself was never able to be, uniting various European ethnicities in common cause and identity. The myopic nations of Europe have squabbled for a thousand years or longer over remarkably little. The petty rivalries are endless between European nations, often nations that are very similar, not to mention the rivalries within such European nations. That incessant squabbling was stopped only by the USA colonizing the western half and the USSR colonizing the eastern half of the Continent during the Cold War.

Nationalists in Europe and America have succeeded and failed in different ways. Europe and America can learn from each other. America-bashing and Europe-bashing is always unhelpful and usually destructive to any progress that the Identitarian Movement might make in future.