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Nations are exclusionary communities that distinguish between the in-group and the out-group, so nations form out of cultural distinction. Such a culture is formed out of unique traditions and an identity. To give legitimacy to these things, a mythos is formed to impress the person hearing it, so the person is also impressed by the culture, identity, traditions, and the nation ex cathedra. Thus, the maintenance of such things are passed from generation to generation through the mythos.

The cosmopolitan elite would like to erase national distinction, so the only people in the world will be fast food-eating mocha-colored capitalists whose only identity is tolerance and diversity. To erase national distinction, they must delegitimize identity, and so they must also delegitimize the national mythos. Figures of such a mythos can be actual persons or fictional persons. All that matters is these figures indeed exist within the minds of people in the in-group of the nation. Accordingly, there is an ongoing effort to erase the memory of or nostalgia for these figures of the national mythos.

Christopher Columbus was a rapist of Indians. Thomas Jefferson was a slave owner. Lincoln and Washington’s Birthday is now simply President’s Day because it’s not diverse to celebrate anything to do with white men. And Robert E. Lee’s stars and bars triggers Dindu-Americans. In their place, we are supposed to worship Martin Luther King as the secular Christ and fear Adolf Hitler as the secular Satan. Fictional figures of the mythos are also destroyed.

A new adaption of the Anglo-Saxon epic of Beowulf has black actors in it, and there are also black actors in lots of Shakespeare plays. These disgusting actions attempt to show that white people’s identity is not unique to white people or does not exist altogether. Following such a perverse tradition, a sequel to the Harry Potter franchise will feature a black Hermione. The author, J. K. Rowling, insists that Hermione is not necessarily white. Rowling tweeted: “… [Hermione has] brown eyes, frizzy hair and [is] very clever. White skin was never specified.” And yet, she had also written that Hermione has a white face in the Prisoner of Azkaban, but that doesn’t matter because the goal of the cosmopolitan elite is to delegitimize identity; facts are a secondary consideration. The figures in these films and novels are changed to the point that they no longer represent important themes and allegories within the metaculture, so people are estranged from even their culture. Thus, they lose their identity.